Hurricane Electric POPs in EdgeConneX facilities POP List

A Point of Presence (POP) is a location where internet networks exchange traffic. offers IP Transit service (bandwidth) at each of its POPs, connecting customers to our worldwide network.

HE operates the world's largest IPv4 network, and the world's largest IPv6 network, measured by number of network connections.



EdgeConneX Munich
155 Landsbergerstrasse
Munich 80687


EdgeConneX Warsaw
64a Nowogrodska
Warsaw 02-014

North America


Toronto, Ontario
EdgeConneX Toronto
565 Gordon Baker Rd.
Toronto ON M2H 3B4

United States

Phoenix, Arizona
EdgeConneX Phoenix
3011 S. 52nd St., Suite 107
Phoenix AZ 85282
United States

Santa Clara, California
EdgeConneX Santa Clara
1700 Richard Ave.
Santa Clara CA 95050
United States

Denver (Englewood), Colorado
EdgeConnex Denver
8535 Highfield Pkwy.
Denver (Englewood) CO 80112
United States

Atlanta, Georgia
EdgeConneX Atlanta
1003 Donnelly Ave. SW
Atlanta GA 30310
United States

Detroit (Southfield), Michigan
EdgeConneX Detroit
21005 Lahser Rd., Building 4
Detroit (Southfield) MI 48033
United States

Las Vegas, Nevada
EdgeConneX Las Vegas
1541 Pama Lane
Las Vegas NV 89119
United States

Portland (Hillsboro), Oregon
EdgeConneX Portland
6327 NE Evergreen Parkway, Suite C-300
Portland (Hillsboro) OR 97124
United States

Nashville, Tennessee
EdgeConneX Nashville
1841 Air Lane Dr.
Nashville TN 37210
United States

Salt Lake City, Utah
EdgeConneX Salt Lake City
2302 South Presidents Drive
Salt Lake City UT 84120
United States

Seattle (Tukwila), Washington
EdgeConneX Seattle
3245 S 116th St., Building 6, Suite 133
Seattle (Tukwila) WA 98168
United States

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